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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The District utilizes GIS in developing desktop and web-based applications used by both staff and the general public. Below are links to both the GIS data maintained by the District and to the District's web applications. GIS data is provided in shapefiles. A zip file of all data is also available.

The GIS data provided here is data the District maintains and distributes through interlocal agreements with other political entities. The Clark County Geographic Information System Management Office (GISMO) maintains a GIS data warehouse for data created by agencies throughout Clark County and can be accessed by clicking this link to GISMO.

Questions concerning GIS data may be addressed to the GIS Administrator.

GIS Data

Contents File Format(s)
GIS Shapefiles Shapefiles
All GIS Data ZIP


FloodZone and FloodView Advanced Interactive Maps

FloodView Advanced is an interactive map that shows information about current and proposed flood facilities, 100-year flood zones, weather gauges, and other flood-related information around Clark County. FloodZone is an easier-to-use version of FloodView Advanced that can quickly show whether or not a specific parcel or address is located in a 100-year flood zone.

Note: Once in Floodview Advanced try the new Layer Toggle Function by clicking the Toggle icon in the Navigation area. Facility information can be retrieved by clicking the ID-MILE link after identification. Pop-up blockers may cause unwanted map re-draws. Disable pop-up blocking to avoid re-draws when using FloodView Advanced.

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