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District Message

Lawrence L. Brown III, Chairman, Clark County Commissioner and
Steven C. Parrish, P.E., General Manager

As you come in for a look, you’ll find an agency committed to its mission each and every day from the smallest drainage projects to large scale detention basins. Each design, invoice and Tweet all arises from the idea that the District works to keep floods away from people and keep people away from floods.

Since our inception in the late 1980s, approximately 612 miles of channels and underground storm drains and 91 detention basins have been built. Currently we have 20 funded projects totaling $132 million. Each mile of our system completes another piece of the master plan and provides more peace of mind to residents throughout Clark County. As of June 2017, we’ve got projects under way along Interstate 15 in North Las Vegas, in Las Vegas Boulevard at Duck Creek Wash and the Logandale Levee Project along the Muddy River.

To date, the District’s progress has removed 54 miles of federally-designated flood zone. Each time a FEMA flood zone is removed, residents save substantial amounts on flood insurance. Each project puts Southern Nevadans to work. Our current funded projects create or sustain more than 1,500 jobs each one adding muscle to the local economy.

In the past year we have completed eight projects totaling $35.3 million ranging from the large Centennial Parkway Channel West with massive box culverts stretching 32 feet wide and lined up for more than 3,200 feet to a small local storm drain project on Lexington Street in the City of Las Vegas The District funded nearly two billion dollars on flood control over the past three decades, protecting our residents, visitors and infrastructure.

Last year’s flash flood season was a deadly reminder of just how critical our work is to this community. Working together with governmental entities, agencies, businesses and residents, we can commit to better protecting all of Clark County.

Lawrence L. Brown III, Chairman
Steven C.Parrish, P.E., General Manager



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